A Better Laminating(Thermal Lamination Film), A Better Printing

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4th,April,2020---EKO’s 13th Anniversary


How time flies!  4th,April,2020 is the 13th birthday of EKO company.

During the epidemic situation of corona virus, this 13th anniversary seems to be low-key, but actually it’s important as well.

Because, in April, EKO launched a new, high-speed coating line!!!


When we look back 2019, we did a lot to make EKO better: we reset layout to improve plant appearance; we invited expert to standardize management system; we encouraged workers to learn 5S management to enhance the production skills ,ect.

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news-FSEKO-4th,April,2020-EKO’s 13th Anniversary-img

Except the efforts we made, EKO people also enjoyed a good time for outdoor activities .

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In the beginning of 2020, corona virus spread  in China, and then in rest few months , it appears in many other countries. This is a challenge that we never meet. But we have confidence and ability to fight against this difficulty.

A better laminating, a better printing.

Thanks for our customers and friends’ supports, we have the power to improve ourselves . And we’ll insist on offering high quality goods and service to our customers.

Finally, my friends, we invite you to celebrate EKO’ s 13th birthday in mind, and let’s keep on moving in 2020 together.


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