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EKO-350 Digital Hot Stamping Mahince Arrive!

EKO-350 Digital Hot Stamping Mahince Arrive!


Last week, our company released a video of the blessing card for Father's Day. The guys who closely watched the news of EKO may have noticed that we used a new machine. Yes,we launch the digital hot stamping machine EKO-350 this week!

FSEKO-Digital Hot Stamping Mahince Arrival

EKO-350 is a machine specially designed for the EKO’s digital sleeking film series. It is easy to operate and can be used by a single person. It is widely used in postcards, awards, product samples, greeting cards, etc. It is the most popular among digital printing shop and printing factory.

Technical Parameters:

FSEKO-Digital Hot Stamping Mahince Arrival-1


1, the advanced rubber roller heating makes it easier to catch the color on paper and the effect is better;

2, the operation button is simple and clear, the digital display is convenient for controlling the temperature;

3, the temperature and speed can be adjusted freely to meet the needs of different hot stamping.

4, can accommodate 1 inch and 3 inch paper core, a variety of choices;

5, with a polywood  case package, better protection of the machine during transportation.

FSEKO-Digital Hot Stamping Mahince Arrival-2

FSEKO-Digital Hot Stamping Mahince Arrival-3

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