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On the morning of November 19, 2019, EKO organized employees to visit the Guangzhou GAC TOYOTA Factory in Nansha District, Guangzhou.

Under the leadership of the hospitality staff, we first watched the introduction video of GAC TOYOTA, and then went to the assembly workshop to visit.


After watching a series of production processes such as parts sorting, assembly and inspection, GAC TOYOTA 's efficient production and lean production made us amazing.

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We learn how to make quality excellent, precise and fast based on customer safety concept . At the same time, the training of employees, encouraging employees to make suggestions for improvement, which the acceptance rate is up to 96.5%, all are the parts that EKO need to study.

Through this visit, we also strive to produce high-quality thermal lamination film products, keeping to learn and improve, be responsible to customers. Our aim is to be the first choice in customers’ mind.

news-EKO GAC TOYOTA ’s Visit-FSEKO-img

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