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FSEKO green hot stamping plastic wholesale for postcard

FSEKO green hot stamping plastic wholesale for postcard

FSEKO green hot stamping plastic wholesale for postcard

Digital hot sleeking film
PET base film with EKO patented coating layer
Transfer film
Hot Stamping and Hologram and Sleekly effect on digital prints, printable
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Guangdong, China
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Only bonding with Toner or Digital Ink
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EKO pursues excellent quality and strives for perfection in every detail during the production.We guarantee that all of our products can meet the with strict QC procedure strictly conducted.thermal laminator is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the national quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable.
Company Advantages
1. FSEKO digital lamination features material superiority. The materials is of environmental protection and is harmless to the environment. The selection is strictly in accordance with the highest packaging standards.
2. Test results prove that the hot stamping plastic with digital lamination design is hot stamping .
3. hot stamping plastic avoids traditional disadvantages of digital lamination to offer a better performance for users.
4. The product will help regulate temperature and humidity inside the footwear, creating a breathable and clean environment for the feet.

The sleeking foil is especially transferred the image to the digital toners on the paper surfaces. After hot sleeking, there can have different designs. The sleeking can be in spot or full coverage. The gold and silver sleeking have the hot stamping effect.

Check out how to use EKO digital hot sleeking film

Application Sample:


Gold foil(TDG),Silver foil(TDS),Red Foil(TDRD),Green foil(TDGN),Blue foil(TDBU),Laser gold foil(TDYE1),Laser green foil(TDGN1),Laser Blue foil(TDBU1),Laser Red foil(TDRD1),
Water cube(3D-S),Lens(3D-T), Hexagon(3D-LB),Magic Mirror(3D-MM),Wany glass(HB),Rosy clouds(HC),UV Glossy(UV-G), Hologram Dazzle silver Foil( TDS-HD), White ink foil(TDWH)




Gold and silver foil: 95~100℃ ; other patterns 85~90℃. Various machines will have difference.


Normal pressure to laminate thermal lamination film.

Usage times:

Gold and silver foil: 1 time ;


Black cardboard, copperplate paper, iridescent paper, kraft paper, normal A4 paper

Toner Digital Printer:

Konica,Xerox,HP,Brother,Epson,etc. Testing first is better.


EKO Rewind hot laminator (better effect and resue the film); Normal hot laminator (can't reuse the film)

Ways to transmit:

1. Print the complete image with digital toner printer on paper, hot laminate with the sleeking film.
2. Offset printing---then laminate with matt film--- toner digital printing in spot area---laminate sleeking film.


1, Our sleeking film only have the effect on toner digital toner.                                                         

2, Because it requests to rewind to use again, 3 inches paper core is a better choice.


1, Optical effects on the digital prints.
2, Personal design with easy operation.
3, Sleeking the Digital prints without mould.
4, Improve the UV coating and hot stamping efficiency.


FSEKO green hot stamping plastic wholesale for postcard-1


FSEKO green hot stamping plastic wholesale for postcard-2                    

1. Use toner digital printer to print 100% black on area that you want effect;
FSEKO green hot stamping plastic wholesale for postcard-3                    

2. Laminate silver hot sleeking film on 1st  step paper with EKO-360 Rewind Hot Laminator;
FSEKO green hot stamping plastic wholesale for postcard-4                    

3. Full page colorful toner digital printing on 2nd step hot stamping effect paper;
FSEKO green hot stamping plastic wholesale for postcard-5                    

4. And here is final hot stamping solution effect.


FSEKO green hot stamping plastic wholesale for postcard-6

Company Features
1. GUANGDONG EKO FILM MANUFACTURE CO., LTD ranks top in Chinese hot stamping plastic market.
2. FSEKO has been improving independent technology innovation technology to ensure product quality.
3. GUANGDONG EKO FILM MANUFACTURE CO., LTD promises that every customer will be served well. Contact us! GUANGDONG EKO FILM MANUFACTURE CO., LTD will serve our customers heartedly with excellent quality, moderate price and perfect system. Contact us! Anytime when we cooperate with our customers, we will always keep [经营理念] in mind. Contact us!
Meticulous design and production process make FSEKO digital lamination fine in the workmanship. Its shape can be a stick, cone, or coil
The production process of FSEKO digital lamination follows strictly the industry standards. It is made in accordance with the guidelines of the International Fragrance Organization.
The raw materials of FSEKO hot stamping is handled well to achieve high-end quality. The use of biodegradable materials makes it environment-friendly
The design of FSEKO digital lamination is original and appealing. It can work as a deodorant to purify indoor air
FSEKO hot stamping is made of the finest quality materials which has been tested carefully before production. It provides a soothing feeling to any environment
The product features electrical safety. Its electrical faults have been identified and potential hazards that would hurt human have been removed. It has optional adhesives including Indonesian Nanmu powder
The product works perfectly in a modern style kitchen. It is designed with streamline shape, giving an appeal of freshness and brightness to the kitchen. The use of biodegradable materials makes it environment-friendly
Excellent color retention is one of its advantages. It is dyed finely to the designated degree of saturability it does not need to take any more dye. It is composed of aromatic biotic materials, mainly from sandalwood or agarwood
The product will not cause electromagnetic interference. It can stably operate as intended in its electromagnetic environment without affecting other devices. It is made in accordance with the guidelines of the International Fragrance Organization
By placing a set of uniform springs inside layers of upholstery, this product is imbued with a firm, resilient, and uniform texture. It generates very little ash when burnt
Abundant talent reserves and superior design capabilities for digital lamination are the primary force of GUANGDONG EKO FILM MANUFACTURE CO., LTD's rapid development.
hot stamping plastic advances with time. With no addition of fossil powder, gunpowder, and other combustion-supporting materials, it burns slowly
FSEKO has been growing rapidly into a leader in digital lamination and related equipment.
The quality of digital lamination can meet hot stamping with hot stamping. With herbal ingredients, it bears therapeutic attributes
GUANGDONG EKO FILM MANUFACTURE CO., LTD aims to introduce foreign advance technology in order to promote hot stamping plastic manufacturing capacity and technical level. It does not contain any artificial fragrance
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