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Official recommendation of CUSTOM DIGITAL HOT SLEEKING FILM
CUSTOM DIGITAL HOT SLEEKING FILM stands for brand-name products in the field of Packaging and Printing.
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The main material for producing CUSTOM DIGITAL HOT SLEEKING FILM is BOPP+EVA. It comes with various structures. It is designed to meet the different demand preferences. Multiple Extrusion is adopted to produce high-quality CUSTOM DIGITAL HOT SLEEKING FILM. Finished with Environmentally-friendly,Energy efficient, CUSTOM DIGITAL HOT SLEEKING FILM has the feature of MoistureProof. CUSTOM DIGITAL HOT SLEEKING FILM has a large assortment of applications including PHOTO ALBUM, POSTER, PAPER BAG, BOOKS COVERS, MAGAZINES, CATALOGS, OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT, LABELS, CARTON,BOX. The product quality is accepted by ISO09001:2008. Within warranty period of 1 year year(s), free maintenance service is provided if the damage is not caused by human. CUSTOM DIGITAL HOT SLEEKING FILM can be tailored to suit you perfectly. You can check out http://www.laminatingchina.com/products for more information.
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EKO FILM boasts its great reputation in offering superior product and providing professional service in the Packaging and Printing industry. EKO FILM has 19-year rich experience in manufacturing BOPP thermal lamination film. Our company has a high share in the domestic market, and some products have been exported to all over the world. We have designed and developed Bopp thermal lamination film,Pet thermal lamination film,Super sticky thermal lamination film,Embossing thermal lamination film,Soft touch thermal lamination film,Anti-Scratch thermal lamination film,Holographic thermal lamination film,Metalized thermal lamiantion film,Digital hot sleeking film. EKO has been committed to R&D and production of thermal lamination film since 1999. EKO is the earliest manufacturer and investigator of thermal lamination film in China. EKO manufactures a variety of the thermal lamination products. EKO has professional knowledge and technical experience. EKO only supply high-quality thermal lamination products. EKO currently is a larger-scale thermal lamination film enterprise in China. EKO factory has many advanced coating and slitting equipment. EKO continuously improves product innovation capabilities. EKO combines green printing with environmentally friendly product technology innovation. EKO has now occupied a considerable market share at home and abroad. Our facility and professional personnel provide strong technical support for the quality of products. At EKO, a knowledgeable customer service rep is always available to assist you. EKO focuses on becoming an industry leader by providing and producing top-quality thermal lamination film. EKO concentrates on manufacturing thermal lamination film. EKO can be responsive to rapid manufacturing needs. EKO feels it is a responsibility to build strong, long-term relationships with customers. EKO meets and exceeds customers' expectations with every opportunity. EKO always adheres to high moral and ethical standards. EKO is well equipped to work with large brands. EKO will make ongoing efforts to provide innovative and high quality films to the marketplace.

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