A Better Laminating(Thermal Lamination Film), A Better Printing

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Manufacturing Industry is a professional Manufacturing Packaging & Printing Plastic Film company dedicated to R&D and production of thermal lamination film. Our company is currently located in No.9-1, Xingye 8th Road, Guanglong Industrial Zone, Chencun Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China shunde foshan guangdong.EKO's Super Bonding Film series include multiple types.EKO provides diversified choices for customers. Professional Heat Laminating Manufacturing  is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price.By now, there are over staff members in our company, among which there are members in the design team, in the R&D center, and staff in the after-sales department. All of them are well-trained.Please feel free to contact us.

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